Awards and Academic Recognition

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Sample of Awards and Academic Recognition
Sept. 2015 Colour primitivism and non-reductive minds. New Directions in the Study of Mind grant from University of Cambridge and John Templeton Foundation.
Jan. 2015 Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) grant for collaborative artistic project You Can’t See Through White with Ben Davis (visual artist) and Eric Platz (percussionist).
Nov. 2014 Special Research Grant from the Vice-President Academic at BU to support initial stages of You Can’t See Through White.
Mar. 2012 RSE (Royal Society of Edinburgh) International Exchange Programme Grant to be Visiting Scholar at the University of Glasgow Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience and The Department of Philosophy from Sept. – Dec. 2012.
Apr. 2010 2-year BURC research grant from Brandon University.
Apr. 2009 Special research grant from VP Academic at Brandon University.
Sept. 2008 Named to the Order of felis rufus, “an honour society that recognizes those individuals whose distinguished work helps promote the quality and excellence of Brandon University”.
Oct. 2007 Brandon University BURC travel grant.
Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota research grant.
Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota grant to enhance teaching at the university.
Apr. 2003 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (12 month term).
2000 – 2003 Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Ph.D. grant (3 years of funding).
1999 – 2002 UWO Graduate Fellowship, for a Ph.D. in philosophy (four consecutive awards).
1998 – 2002 UWO Special University Scholarship (four consecutive awards).
1999 – 2000 UWO President’s Scholarship for Graduate Study.
April 1998 UWO Graduate Fellowship, for a MA in philosophy.
April 1998 Paul David Russell Gold Medal for highest standing in Philosophy at U of M.