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Edited Collections
2017 (expected) The Routledge Handbook on Philosophy of Colour. Co-editor with Fiona Macpherson. Routledge.
2012 Analysis and Interpretation in the Exact Sciences: Essays in Honour of William Demopoulos. Springer. Co-editor with Robert DiSalle and Melanie Frappier. Available here.
In Progress It’s probably just me: Colour mentalism vs. colour dispositionalism.
In Progress Introduction. To appear in The Routledge Handbook on Philosophy of Colour. (co-authored with F. Macpherson)
In Progress Colour constancy. To appear in The Routledge Handbook on Philosophy of Colour.
Forthcoming Color manipulation and comparative color: They’re not all compatible. To appear in K. Andrews and J. Beck, eds., The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Animal Minds.
Forthcoming Sensory substitution devices and behavioural transference: A commentary on recent work from the lab of Amir Amedi. To appear in F. Macpherson, ed., Sensory Substitution and Integration. British Academy.
Forthcoming Infusing perception with imagination. To appear in F. Macpherson and F. Dorsch, eds., Perceptual Imagination and Perceptual Memory. Oxford University Press.
Forthcoming Projectivism and phenomenal presence. To appear in F. Macpherson and F. Dorsch, eds., Phenomenal Presence. Oxford University Press.
2016 A study in deflated acquaintance knowledge: Sense-datum theory and perceptual constancy. In S. Costreie, ed., Early Analytic Philosophy: New Perspectives on the Tradition, pp. 99-125. Springer. eBook.
2015 Colour layering and colour relationalism. Mind and Machines: A Special Issue on the Philosophy of Colour, M. Chirimuuta, ed., 25(2): 177-191. Full article.
2014 Colour constancy and colour layering. Philosophers’ Imprint, 14(16): 1-31. Full article.
2012 Losing grip on the world: From illusion to sense-data. In A. Raftopoulos & P. Machamer, eds., Perception, Realism and the Problem of Reference. Cambridge University Press. Final submission.
2010 Locating projectivism in intentionalism debates. Philosophical Studies, 148, 69-78. Abstract. Full article.
2009 Indirect perceptual realism and demonstratives. Philosophical Studies, 145(3), 377-94. Abstract. Full article.
2008 Indirect perceptual realism and multiple reference. dialectica, 62, 323-334. Abstract. Full article.
2006 On the dual referent approach to colour theory. Philosophical Quarterly, 56, 96-113. Abstract. Full article.
2003 Meaning and rigorization. Proceedings of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, 16, 95-102.
Book Reviews
2017 Colouring for and colour relationalism: A critical notice of Outside Colour (M. Chirimuuta. 2015. MIT Press). Analysis Reviews, 0 (0) , 1–17 doi:10.1093/analys/anx025
2011 Review of A. Raftopoulos, Cognition and Perception: How do Psychology and Neuroscience Inform Philosophy? Metascience, 20, 165-8.
2008 Review of A. Gupta, Empiricism and Experience. Philosophical Quarterly. 58, 180-5. Available here.
2007 Review of N. Georgalis, The Primacy of the Subjective. Philosophical Psychology, 20, 402-6.