Composition Studio

Brandon University boasts a number of well-known composition graduates, including Jocelyn Morlock (Composer-in-Residence with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra), Gordon Fitzell (JUNO nominated composer on faculty at the University of Manitoba), Laurie Radford (on faculty at the University of Calgary), Mark Hannesson (on faculty at the University of Alberta) and Nicole Lizée (Jules Léger Prize winner).

Composition studies at Brandon University support students writing in a wide array of contemporary styles and using a variety of technologies. While many students come into the music program with a strong background in tonal music, the current musical landscape is fundamentally post-tonal. Within this broad category, students can utilize a range of structural and stylistic concepts from centric to atonal and minimal to textural or spectral.

Students interested in participating in the program need to submit two or three completed works (in whatever your current style is), including scores and some form of audio rendering.