2016 fossil collecting season – gallery.

A selection of scenes and vignettes of our summer 2016 season in BC.

group pic Tunkwa 2016

The main team at Tunkwa Lake Lodge, working at the McAbee fossil beds. From Left: Alex Lowe (MSc student 2016-2018), Dave Greenwood PhD, Sudipta Das Gupta PhD (sedimentologist), and Christopher West (PhD student).


Fossil Cunninghamia shoot, McAbee fossil beds.

C. West, A. Lowe, and S. Das Gupta collecting at the Section 1 trench, McAbee fossil beds.

Blue Flame mine 2016

Collecting early Eocene plants in the tailings of the former Blue Flame coal mine, near Whipsaw Creek, Similkameen River valley, BC.

All photos © 2016 by D.R. Greenwood.