2015 National Geographic Society expedition to B.C.

Summer 2015

In late July to early August, team members participated in 3 weeks of field work centered on the McAbee fossil beds and sites around Princeton British Columbia. This field season was funded by an expeditionary grant to D. Greenwood with collaborators Jaelyn Eberle and Bruce Archibald from the Committee for Research and Exploration of the US-based National Geographic Society.

The images below show some of our work at McAbee.

_DSC0022 (2)
Team members at the McAbee fossil beds heritage site, July 2015. From L to R, from the top row. Dario (Bonaparte First Nation), Deb Wagner (Smithsonian), Christopher West (PhD student), Dr Nathan Hyland (U Washington), Markus Sudermann (Hons. student – commenced as MSc student, May 2017), Dr Tammo Reichgelt (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia U), Sheldon Leahy (FLNRO-TRU), Dr Greenwood, Dr Bruce Archibald (SFU & RBCM), and Dr Jaelyn Eberle (U Colorado at Boulder). Exposed sediments at the McAbee main quarry. Note the prominent tuffs. Fossils are found in the brown shales.
_DSC0042 (2)
Christopher and Bruce collecting. Team leader, Dave.
Markus wrapping the day’s haul of fossils. Jaelyn splitting shale.