Lab members

Current Lab Members

Oluwadara (Dara) Elebute M.Sc. Student. System-wide analyis of NGS datasets. (co-supervised with Dr. Cassone)

Harald Grove M.Sc. Student. Metabolic physiology of Galleria mellonella. (co-supervised with Dr. Cassone).

Nicholas Kurchaba M.Sc. Student. Establishing zebrafish PGC-1 CRISPR mutant lines as a biomedical model.

Courtney Geer B.Sc Biology (Topics/Summer student). Long term physiological effects of microplastics ingestion in zebrafish.

Sachi Villanueva B.Sc Biology (Honor student, co-supervised with B. Cassone). Microbiome and the breakdown of different plastics by the waxworm

Adam Klonowski B.Sc Biology (Honor student, co-supervised with B. Cassone). Using nanoglycogen particles to modulate gene expression in mosquito larvae

Jolynn Carmichael B.Sc Biology (Topics student). Reproductive effects of long term polyethylene exposure in zebrafish

Aesha Patel B.Sc Biology (Topics student). Behavioral impact of microplastics on adult zebrafish

Past Lab Members

Harald Grove Undergraduate Thesis student. Digestive physiology of Galleria mellonella. (co-supervised with Dr. Cassone).Current position: M.Sc. candidate.

Nicholas Kurchaba Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Inflammatory response of microplastics exposure in zebrafish larvae. (co-supervised with Dr. Ardelli). Current position: M.Sc. candidate.

Caleb Northam USRA student/Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Metabolic effects of PGC-1s silencing in larval zebrafish. Current position: 4th year Honour student.

Olivia Pieroni Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Nutrient transport and metabolism in Cryptobia salmositica. (co-supervised with Dr. Ardelli)

Raphaël Lagarde Visiting Ph.D. student. Project: Diverging metabolic phenotype of 2 sympatric species of climbing gobies. Current position: Ph.D candidate at Hydro-Réunion

Bailey Kelleher Topics/Summer student. Project: Transcriptional effects of microplastics in larval zebrafish.

Jordyn Duncan Topics student, Project: Metabolic consequences of artificial climbing in tropical gobies. Current Position: ND candidate, CCNM

Amber Hiebert Summer student, Student volunteer. Project: swimming energetics of zebrafish/climbing gobies kinematics and enzymatic capacity. Current Position: M.Sc. candidate, University of Manitoba

Charlotte Smith Topics student. Project: metabolite profiling in migrating gobies. Current position: Bachelor of Nursing candidate, Brandon University.