Lab members

Current Lab Members

Oluwadara (Dara) Elebute M.Sc. Student. System-wide analyis of NGS datasets. (co-supervised with Dr. Cassone)

Harald Grove Undergraduate Thesis student. Digestive physiology of Galleria mellonella. (co-supervised with Dr. Cassone).

Nicholas Kurchaba Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Inflammatory response of microplastics exposure in zebrafish larvae. (co-supervised with Dr. Ardelli)

Caleb Northam USRA student/Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Metabolic effects of PGC-1s silencing in larval zebrafish.

Olivia Pieroni Undergraduate Thesis student. Project: Nutrient transport and metabolism in Cryptobia salmositica. (co-supervised with Dr. Ardelli)

Past Lab Members

Raphaël Lagarde Visiting Ph.D. student. Project: Diverging metabolic phenotype of 2 sympatric species of climbing gobies. Current position: Ph.D candidate at Hydro-Réunion

Bailey Kelleher Topics/Summer student. Project: Transcriptional effects of microplastics in larval zebrafish.

Jordyn Duncan Topics student, Project: Metabolic consequences of artificial climbing in tropical gobies. Current Position: ND candidate, CCNM

Amber Hiebert Summer student, Student volunteer. Project: swimming energetics of zebrafish/climbing gobies kinematics and enzymatic capacity. Current Position: M.Sc. candidate, University of Manitoba

Charlotte Smith Topics student. Project: metabolite profiling in migrating gobies. Current position: Bachelor of Nursing candidate, Brandon University.