Candy Jones, Ph. D.

Dr. Candy Jones is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education (Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy) at Brandon University. She is passionate about teacher education as well as the provision of effective and meaningful teacher professional development, particularly for teachers in rural contexts. As an educator who taught in three different rural Manitoba communities over her 20-year teaching career, Candy both advocated for equity for rural teachers, and worked towards the improvement of professional development opportunities available to educators. Her Ph.D. research, which built on her previous work as a PD committee chair and part-time Numeracy Coach, examined possibilities for developing contextually responsive PD models that mitigate challenges divisions and teachers face with regards to providing and accessing meaningful PD. In her work at Brandon University, Candy is heavily involved in the design and implementation of a new 5-year Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education Integrated Program, in addition to teaching courses focused on teacher identity, instructional methods, and mathematics education. She also continues to conduct research through several projects focused on teacher identity development, rural education, professional development, and mathematics education.