Comparative Animal Physiology

My laboratory is interested in understanding how a variety of animals, are able to modulate their metabolism when facing a variety of physiological and environmental challenges. Our work is integrative in nature as we investigate at multiple scales of biological organization, from the molecular make up of cells (e.g., gene and protein expression, enzyme activity) all the way to whole organismal responses (e.g., exercise capacity, oxygen consumption, growth). In addition, using bioinformatics and in silico approaches, we are investigating how metabolic regulatory factors have evolved in various vertebrate taxa.

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P4220934 P4221053 P4231374

                        Sicyopterus sp. “climbing gobies” from Guadeloupe 


Research Area

Comparative Metabolic Physiology

Research Keywords

Microplastics | Mitochondria | Plastivores | Plastic biodegradation | Metabolic plasticity | Fish physiology | Waxworm