Dr. Barry Madison

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My research laboratory puts an “Eco” lens on Comparative Physiology and Endocrinology, employing Toxicogenomic techniques to better understand the interactions between biota and contaminants in aquatic environments, as examined in gene-to-population context.

The broader goal of my work is to better contextualize how rapidly changing environmental conditions and contaminants are together impacting the resistance and resilience of local aquatic biodiversity

through an interdisciplinary approach based on cellular, genetic, physiological, and endocrine underpinnings.

While much of my laboratory focuses on fish(es), both model- and regional species, my lab has interests in other areas of aquatic research, including environmental nucleic acids, cyanobacteria, algae, invertebrates, et al.!

Our current work is focused on regional watersheds in WestMan, including the urban section of the Assiniboine River near the City of Brandon, Manitoba as well as its tributaries that make up the larger Central Assiniboine River Watershed.

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