Dr. Roderick A. McGinn

McGinn_Pilatus_SwitzerlandCourses formerly taught:

Academic Qualifications:

Research Interests:

My continuing research efforts could be categorized into four general fields of study.

Studies in Meteorology and Climatology; The Climate of the Clear Lake Watershed. Historical drought in southwestern Manitoba. Non-dimensional analysis of prairie drought. Climate warming scenarios; Impacts and adaptations on water resources in a prairie agricultural watershed.

Water Resource studies, Quantity and Quality; Anthropogenic nutrient levels in the snowmelt freshet. Airborne nutrient levels in snowfall. Anthropogenic nutrient levels in small eutrophic seasonal lakes and wetlands.

Studies in Hydroclimatology and Hydrology; Hydroclimatology of the Manitoba  Escarpment. The Water Balance of the Clear Lake Watershed. Snowmelt modeling in a small agricultural watershed. Infiltration studies on the soils of the Clear Lake Watershed. Evaporation experiments from a small oligotrophic lake. Runoff curve numbers, infiltration loss and antecedent moisture in the Clear Lake Basin. Depression storage in beaver enhanced wetlands.

Studies in Glacial Geomorphology; The Wisconsinan deglaciation of the Riding Mountain Upland Plateau. Supraglacial melt-out complexes of the Riding Mountain Uplands: Ice marginal ridges, supraglacial lakes and glaciotectonics.

Selected Publications