Dr. Terence P. McGonigle

mcgonigleBSc, PhD (Professor)


September 2023

15:262  Plant Biology
15:371  Plant Diversity

January 2024


Recent publications

Wasko J.D., McGonigle T.P., Goldsborough L.G., Wrubleski D.A., Badiou P.H., and Armstrong L.M. (2022). Use of shoot dimensions and microscopic analysis of leaves to distinguish Typha latifolia, Typha angustifolia, and their invasive hybrid Typha xglauca. Wetland Ecology and Management https://doi.org/10.1007/s11273-021-09836-2

Tangen B.A., Bansal S., Freeland J.R., Travis S.E., Wasko J.D., McGonigle T.P., Goldsborough L.G., Gow K., Marburger J.E., Meier J.A. (2022). Distributions of native and invasive Typha (cattail) throughout the prairie pothole region of North America. Wetland Ecology and Management https://doi.org/10.1007/s11273-021-09823-7

Liddle K., McGonigle T., and Koiter A. (2020). Microbe biomass in relation to organic carbon and clay in soil. Soil Systems 4(41), 1-10.

Rosenkranz V.E. and McGonigle T.P. (2020). Reductions in foliar Hemiptera in portions of a fescue grassland invaded by smooth brome (Bromus inermis). Canadian Field Naturalist 134(2), 156-160.