Brandon University Courses

62:231: Introduction to C++ (Course Instructor)

62:264: Digital Computer Fundamentals (Course Instructor and Lab Instructor)

62:306: Systems Programming (Operating Systems) (Course Instructor)

62:364: Microprocessors (Course Instructor) (Spring 2018)

62:367: Computer Organization (Course Instructor)

62:371: Databases (Course Instructor)

62:483: Senior Seminar Course on Big Data (Course Instructor)

62:483: Senior Seminar Course on Social Network Privacy (Course Instructor)

University of Victoria Courses

CSC 100: Elementary Computing (Course Instructor)

CSC 105: Computers and Information Processing (Course Instructor)

CSC 106/212: The Practice of Computer Science (Course Instructor)

CSC 110: Fundamentals of Programming I (Course Instructor)

CSC 111: Fundamentals of Programming with Engineering Applications

CSC 115: Fundamentals of Programming II (Course Instructor)

CSC 230: Introduction to Computer Architecture (Course Instructor)

CSC 320: Foundations of Computer Science (Course Instructor)