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Articles Published 2012-2017

(the names of the members of my lab are given in bold)

Réblová, M., W.A Untereiner, V. Štěpánek, and W. Gams. 2017. Disentangling Phialophora section Catenulatae: disposition of taxa with pigmented conidiophores and recognition of a new subclass, Sclerococcomycetidae (Eurotiomycetes). Mycological Progress 16: 27-46. (doi:10.1007/s11557-016-1248-y)

Duff, L.B.T.M. UrichukL.N. HodginsJ.R. Young, and W.A. Untereiner. 2016. Diversity of fungi from the mound nests of Formica ulkei and adjacent non-nest soils. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 62: 562-571. (doi:10.1139/cjm-2015-0628)

Scott, J.A., J.O. Ewaze, R.C. Summerbell, Y. Arocha-Rosete, A. Maharaj, Y. Guardiola, M.  Saleh, B. Wong, M. Bogale, M.J. O’Hara, and W.A. Untereiner. 2016. Multilocus DNA sequencing of the whiskey fungus reveals a continent-scale speciation pattern. Persoonia 37: 13-20. (doi.:10.3767/003158516X689576)

Cuomo, C.A., W.A. Untereiner, L.-J. Ma, M. Grabherr, and B.W. Birren. 2015. Draft genome sequence of the cellulolytic fungus, Chaetomium globosum. Genome Announcements 3(1):e00021-15. (doi:10.1128/genomeA.00021-15)

Schoch, C.L. et al. (100 others including W.A. Untereiner). 2014. Finding needles in haystacks: linking scientific names, reference specimens and molecular data for Fungi. Database. (doi:10.1093/database/bau061)

Réblová, M., W.A Untereiner and K. Réblová. 2013. Novel evolutionary lineages revealed in the Chaetothyriales (Fungi) based on multigene phylogenetic analyses and comparisons of ITS secondary structure. PLoS ONE 8: e63547.

Untereiner, W.A., M. Bogale, A. Carter, B. Platt, S.Å. Hanson, T. Læssøe, V. Štěpánek and M. Réblová. 2013. Molecular phylogeny of Boliniales (Sordariomycetes) with an assessment of the systematics of Apiorhynchostoma, Endoxyla and Pseudovalsaria. Mycologia 105: 564-588.

Baral, H.-O., G. Marson, M. Bogale and W.A. Untereiner. 2013. Xerombrophila crystallifera, a new genus and species in the Helotiales. Mycological Progress 12: 475.488.

Diederich, P., J.D. Lawrey, D. Ertz, M. Sikaroodi and W.A. Untereiner. 2013. Molecular data place the hyphomycete lichenicolous genus Sclerococcum close to Dactylospora (Eurotiomycetes) and S. parmeliae in Cladophialophora (Chaetothyriales). Fungal Diversity 58: 61-72.

Schoch, C.L. et al. (155 others including M. Bogale and W.A. Untereiner). 2012. Nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region as a universal DNA barcode marker for Fungi. PNAS 109: 6241-6246.

Baral, H.O., G. Garcia, M. BogaleM.J. O’Hara and W.A. Untereiner. 2012. Colipila, a new genus in the Helotiales. Mycological Progress 11: 201-214.