About Me

In Sudbury, Ontario born and raised,
Playing video games is how I spent most of my days.
Chillin’ out maxin’ out relaxin’ all cool,
I was never a strong student in high-school.
I went to university to complete a degree,
I did it because it was expected of me.
Academics wasn’t something that I thought was fun,
But I didn’t want to waste my tuition.      
So I gave it the old college try,
And I learned that education could gratify.
At first it was courses in philosophy and law,Books
Dr. Donohue captured my interested and awe.
We studied Postman, Plato, Mill, and Chomsky,
We learned to challenge, resist, and question authority.
Then came courses in statistics,
At the time the word made me feel hysterics,
They appeared scary, daunting, and rife with intimidations,
So I studied and practiced, and practiced, and practiced the equations, normal
In the end, I passed all the evaluations.
I developed confidence in myself, where there was none before,
So I studied even harder, so that I can learn even more.
I went to class, took notes, and read,
I thought “this isn’t too bad, I’m not a pinhead”.
Finally, it was a course in perception,percevoir
That made me realize my dream profession.
At the time, the Matrix was a popular movie,
Questioning the nature of reality was pretty groovy.
In perception, we studied how do we see, taste, touch, smell and hear,
“This is what I wanted to think about for the rest of my career.”
So I went to Ottawa, to complete a Ph.D,
In the hopes of becoming a professor in experimental psychology.
Dr. Collin and Dr. Lamontagne left a big impact on me,
They both shaped my understanding of how we see.
I was fortunate to obtain a position at BU,
Where hopefully I’ll discuss statistics and perception with you.