Google Earth Virtual Fieldtrip

The purpose of Lab 10 is to take you on a virtual field trip to study a selection of landforms covered in the “Weathering, Karst Landscapes & Mass Movement”; “River Systems”; and “Glacial & Periglacial Landscapes” topics (Chapters 14, 15, and 17 of your textbook). It is expected that you have had some experience using Google Earth (GE) and are able to pan around, zoom in and out, and access the Street View images; however, even if you have never used GE before you should be able to easily learn the basics and complete the lab with little or no assistance. GE is installed and should be available on the computers for general use on campus.

When you select the links below, GE should launch automatically (provided the program is installed on the computer you are using) and add a new folder to the Places side bar.
If GE does not launch automatically, you may need to first download the linked GE file (i.e. .kmz format), then launch it from your download directory.

Once the GE .kmz file opens, the My Places folder will contain a number of Placemarks, shown as yellow push-pins, attached to various landforms. You can navigate to the landform by double-clicking on the Placemark in the folder. The Placemark will include brief description of each landform, often with reference to the relevant section, pages, or figures in the current (4th) Canadian edition of the textbook, as well as one or more questions. Most of your answers will be a single term or short descriptive sentence. Some questions have two parts, so be careful to make sure you answer the entire question. You may have to zoom in or out and change your view angle to investigate the landform more closely, or view the historical imagery available.

Your answers for all three chapters should be submitted in a single printed word-processed document that will be due in class (lecture time) on or before WEDNESDAY, December 4th. If you work on this assignment with a classmate, please include the names of all those who worked together. Do not submit your work by email. Late work will not be accepted for credit.

Enjoy Your Trip!

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