Dr. Hejun Zhuang

Assistant Professor  

Ph.D.(U of Alberta), Ph.M.(SCUT), B.A.(SCUT)

Office:Clark Hall 405
Email: zhuangh@brandonu.ca


    Sabbatical 2020-2021


Research Interests

Pricing, Product positioning, Consumer searching
Industrial Organization
Online Auction


Zhang, Zenlin; Ma, Minghui; Peter T.L. Poplkowski Leszczyc; Zhuang, Hejun (2020), “The Influence of Coupon Duration on Consumer Redemption Behavior and Brand Profitability”, European Journal of Operational Research, 28(1): 114-128.

Zhuang, Hejun, Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc and Yuanfang Lin (2018) “Why is price dispersion higher online than offline? The Impact of Retailer Type and Shopping Risk on Price Dispersion”, Journal of Retailing, 94(2): 136-153.

Zhuang, Hejun (2018), “Modeling Strategic Location Choices for Disadvantaged Firms”, International Business Research, 11(10):59-78.

Book chapter: Zhuang, Hejun; Zhao, Xiande; Yeung, Jeff Hoi Yan; Zeng, Bin; and Juan Hao, “DCHS case study: 3rd-party logistics – advanced services to gain a competitive advantage”, International Operations Management: Lessons in Global Business, edited by Alberto F. De Toni., first edition 2011 by Gower Publisher, new edition 2016 by Routledge Publisher.

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Business Cases

Chinese Management Case-sharing Center http://www.cmcc-dut.cn

Hu, Yang; Dai, Hongxiang; Zhuang, Hejun; Xu, Xuejun (2008), “Kingshan Comp: VIP Supplier Relationship Management”, Case No: OM-0004, 5 pages.

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Marketing Fundamental, 16.261
Consumer Behavior, 16.365
Advertising Principle, 16.366
Marketing Management, 16.367
Marketing Research, 16.368