We’ve got a ton of news to share!!!  However, as we’re just putting this website together, we haven’t had time to share much of the news yet.  Stay tuned, but for now…

Jan 7, 2020: The two fantastic Charette Lab Honours students, Cassidy Baumung and Derek Harris give fantastic talks for their Honours thesis progress seminars! Such great talks! So much incredible data! Way to go Cass and Derek!











Aug 12, 2019: The Charette Lab’s first Honours student, Gol Roberts, starts Med School at the University of Manitoba! Way to go Gol! We’re so proud of you!

Gol Roberts, 2nd from left.








Sept 6, 2017:  First day of grad school for the lab’s first graduate student!  You’re the trailblazer, James Cluff!

August 13, 2015:  Dr. Charette’s post-doc supervisor, Dr. Susan Baserga at Yale Med School has been awarded the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s (ASBMB) William C. Rose Award for “outstanding contributions to biochemical and molecular biological research and a demonstrated commitment to the training of younger scientists.”  We can attest to how deserving Dr. Baserga is of this award for her excellence in research and for her unwavering emphasis and dedication to mentoring.  This rare combination of scientific excellence and commitment to mentorship has resulted in a generation of successful junior PIs in prestigious university professorships through the US, Canada, and Europe – including our very own Dr. Charette.  Dr. Baserga is set to give a lecture and receive her award on April 5th, 2016 at the Annual Meeting of the ASBMB in San Diego.  Congrats Susan!! !  Read more about it here and here.

Susan Baserga Rose award

Peter Glazer, M.D./Ph.D (Susan’s husband), Francis Collins (Director of the NIH), Susan, Sam Sondalle and Katie Farley (graduate students).

January 13, 2016:  The Charette Ribosome Assembly and Ribosomopathy Lab officially becomes a member of the prestigious Canada-wide RNA research group RiboClub.  We’re even listed at the top of the page on their Associated Labs site!  We participate in the Canada-wide RiboClub seminars – if you’re passionate about RNA like we are, you should tune into these webinars too!