Lab Members


Majumder lab welcomes with full enthusiasm returning students in their new roles! Let’s work together, cultivate new ideas and get excited with new discoveries. Yes, together we can make a difference !

Riley Feser, MSc Student (Research Manitoba Fellowship)

Reid Opperman, MSc student (CIHR Banting Fellowship)

Braydon Nault, MSc student (Research Manitoba Fellowship)

Sujit Maiti, Bioinformatics Fellow

LACEY WINSTONE (Honours Student)

KHALED ELSHAER (Honours Student)

BEATRICE GATIEN (Research Assistant)

VAISHNAVI GOPAUL (Research Assistant)

Summer of 2021

Majumder lab welcomes a dozen of trainees this summer.

In this collage, from left to right, Top panel: Bonita, Mousumi, Brett, Lacey. Middle panel: Beatrice, Vaishnavi, Brady, Riley. Lower panel: Khaled, Mackenzie, Reid, Sujit.

Let’s work together to fight against metastatic breast cancer!