Candice M. Waddell

Candice Waddell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University.  She holds a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing from Brandon University and was granted the Brandon University gold medal in Master of Psychiatric Nursing upon graduation. She is also in the process of completing her PhD in Community Health Science through the University of Manitoba.  Prior to her work with Brandon University, she was a registered psychiatric nurse in Australia, New Zealand, Manitoba and remote communities in Nunavut. She was acknowledged nationally by the Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health with a Champion of Mental Health Award for her work in Nunavut improving community wellness through youth and community engagement. She has worked nationally and internationally on projects and collaborations focused on improving indigenous mental health and wellness, and reducing the impact of trauma.


Her research interests include:  improving mental health and social equity in marginalized populations; the influence of gender on mental health and wellness; culturally sensitive mental health practice; and the experience of individuals living with mental illness and trauma. 

She is currently working on a project for her PhD  entitled Why can’t she just “get over it?” A qualitative study on the impact of sexual trauma on University and College Alumni. This feminist qualitative research project is focused on determining how women who experienced unwanted sexual experiences while in University or College have coped in the years following the incident.

She is also working on Racism within the Health Care System: Reflections of Psychiatric Nursing and Nursing Students with Research Assistants Heather Stephen and Dina Tabatabaei.  This multi method exploratory qualitative project is funded through the Brandon University Research Committee and is focused on determining nursing and psychiatric nursing students experiences  of racism within the health care system.

She is also working in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Herron (Brandon University Department of Geography), Dr. Jonathan Allan (Brandon University Faculty of Arts) and Dr. Kerstin Roger (University of Manitoba Department of Community Health Science) on a project funded by SSHRC called Changing rural masculinities and mental wellness: a Prairie case study. 


Professor Waddell is a Full Member in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is accepting Masters students at this time.

Professor Waddell is also a founding member of the Centre for Critical Studies of Rural Mental Health.