About Dr. E. Watson

Image of Ellen Watson. A smiling woman with long hair and glasses.

Dr. Ellen Watson (watsone@brandonu.ca) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy at Brandon University. She specializes in science and physics education.

Ellen holds a BSc (Physics) (2006) and BEd (2008) from the University of Saskatchewan. She has taught K-12 science, physics, and mathematics courses and taught in Lloydminster, SK/AB for approximately 7 years. Ellen was also one of four teachers who contributed to writing the Saskatchewan Physics 30 (Grade 12) curriculum document (published in 2016).  Ellen completed her MEd in Curriculum & Instruction through the University of Regina (2012) and completed her PhD at the University of Alberta in Secondary (Science) Education in 2021. 

Ellen’s research investigates teachers’ epistemic beliefs about science/physics knowledge, epistemic perspectives about science, teacher engagement with the nature of science, teachers’ nature of science education, teacher interactions with curriculum, and teacher advocacy. She has also conducted research in education at the post-secondary level in engineering, health sciences, and science.

Ellen is open to research projects in science education, welcomes thesis students who are interested in science education (and currently studying at Brandon University), and is open to serving on graduate committees for developing science education scholars. 

For a list of Ellen’s publications, please see Google Scholar