38/42:477 Seminar Adv Geomatics

Instructor: Lecture, Dr. Dion J. Wiseman
Office: Brodie Room 4-07
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 9:00 – 10:00 AM; or by Appointment
Phone: 727-9774
Email: wiseman@brandonu.ca

Contact Hrs: Slot 12 T 11:40 – 12:30, Th 11:40 – 1:30, BB 4-22

Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize students with advanced topics in the theory and applications of geomatics technologies, specifically geographic information systems, remote sensing, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), and global navigation survey systems. Emphasis will be placed on project management and design through the integration of these technologies for conducting relevant geospatial research. Students will be required to complete a major project in an area of interest to them that demonstrates their ability to synthesize this knowledge and apply these technologies to address real world problems or relevant research questions.

The applied component of the course will include a series of practical assignments designed to introduce advanced topics for collecting geospatial data, conducting geomatics related fieldwork, and for building, managing, and analyzing geospatial databases.

Students in this year’s course will have the opportunity to complete the UAV Ground School in lieu of some of the regularly scheduled practical assignments, and will complete a UAV image processing project instead of a project of their choice. Details will be provided in class.

Grading Scheme

Course 38:477 > 90% A+ 70-72% B-
Term Test 1 15% 85-89% A 67-69% C+
Term Test 2 15% 80-84% A- 63-66% C
Practical Assignments 30% 77-79% B+ 60-62% C-
Presentations 10% 73-76% B 50-59% D
Project 30% < 50% F

Tentative Course Outline

(follow links below to access lecture notes and readings)

    Theoretical Topics, Tuesday Slot, Thursday Intro

     Introduction to Geomatics and IGIS

    1. Introduction to Geomatics and IGIS
    2. GIS Project Management
      • Steps Involved and Considerations
      • Cartographic Model
      • Annotated Flowcharts
    3. Introduction to Spatial Modeling
      • Analysis and Modeling
      • Types of Spatial Models
        • Descriptive
        • Explanatory
        • Predictive
    4. Designing Academic Poster Presentations

     Term Test 1    (Date TBD)

    1. Global Navigation Survey Systems
      • Components of GNSS
      • Survey Planning
      • Data Collection
      • Post Processing
      • Integration
    2. Total Station Survey Design
      • Theory and Principles
      • Station Setup and Data Collection
      • Post-processing
      • Importing TS Data into ArcGIS
    3. Introduction to UAV Technology
    4. Analyzing Geometric Networks
      • Components of a Network
      • Creating and Managing Networks
      • Types of Network Analysis

    Term Test 2   (Date TBD) – note that there is no final exam in this course

    Practical Assignments

    Practical Assignments, Thursday Slot

    Note: outdoor activities are weather dependent, schedule is tentative and will likely change.

    Within the first four or five weeks:

    1. UAV Image Acquisition
    2. GPS Survey Design and Mgmt.
    3. Total Station Survey Design and Mgmt.
    4. UAV Image Analysis and Processing
    5. Project Proposal Presentations

    Not doing UAV Ground School, Pick Three:

    1. Introduction to Geodatabases*
    2. Geodatabase Domains and Subtypes*
    3. Editing Geodatabases*

    * If you have already completed coursework or otherwise gained practical experience in any of the 3 above, please select one of the following instead:

    • MultiSpec Tutorial
    • Getting to Know Model Builder
    • Georeferencing Imagery
    • Network Analysis
    • ESRI Course or Tutorial, Your Choice

    Last three weeks:

    1. Project Work
    2. Poster Critique
    3. Project Presentations