Tom Mitchell

Courtesy Street Media

Courtesy Street Media

      B.A. (Brandon) M.A. (Manitoba) Ed. Cert. (Brandon)

Since 2012, I have been  University Archivist (Emeritus) at Brandon University. In practical terms, I am now an independent researcher, writer, documentary producer with many interests – traditional historical and archival practice included – that tend to converge on public history. The digital revolution has furnished a new terrain for public history and given a new urgency to the need to come to terms with its epistemological nature and practice. I spend lots of time thinking about that. I developed a course on public history for the B.U. History Department. I teach it every few years.

I am currently working on two public history projects.

The first is  a documentary titled Before Brandon – The Grand Rapids of the Assiniboine (see the page below for a summary of the project). This documentary will be screened for the public Sunday April 23rd at the J.R.C. Evans Theatre at Brandon University.

The second is a paper with the working title The Rise and Fall of a Place – The Grand Rapids of the Assiniboine. This paper examines the Grand Rapids of the Assiniboine as a case study of how and why geographical locations emerge and decline (some disappear) as places of contemporary and historical importance.