Advanced Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology [82:350]

Now the fun begins. This course aims to prepare students for completing an honors thesis. The first third of the course focuses on key concepts in experimental designs, statistical inference, null hypothesis testing, and techniques surrounding analyzing data from experimental designs, with an emphasis on analysis of variance. While there is overlap with the content of 82:250 and 82:251, the material is presented in greater detail and in more depth, so as to develop mastery in statistics and research design. The second third of the course focuses on writing a research proposal. Lectures involve developing a research question, searching for journal articles, designing an experiment from the ground-up, creating an outline, and effective writing strategies. The final third of the course focuses on correlational designs and associated analyses. Techniques in correlation and regression models are presented. Throughout the course, an appreciation for mathematical formalism and conceptual understanding is fostered during the lectures and in the laboratory. Students are encouraged to ask questions and speculate wildly. Use this class as an opportunity to challenge yourself intellectually in a supportive and collaborative environment.
350 – Advanced Methods – Syllabus – Fall 2022