30:283 Dramatic Literature in Canada

Winter 2011

Instructor: Dr. Reinhold Kramer

109 Original Building/Clark Hall

727-7344 kramer@brandonu.ca

Office hours: 2:40-3:30 p.m. (Mon., Wed., Thurs.)



Course Description:

An examination of the origins and development of Canadian drama, and an analysis of Canadian plays, particularly those from 1960 to the present. The course may include plays by writers such as Tremblay, French, Reaney, Pollock, Gray, Cook, MacLeod, Mighton, Walker, Clark, and Rebar.



1. Reading Tests (on entire play, at first class of each play) 10%

2. Class participation 10%

3. Test Feb. 10 20%

4. Term Paper (10-12 pages) due March 24 20%

5. Final Exam April 14 9-11 a.m. 40%

Note: There may be penalties for lateness, depending upon circumstances. Missed tests cannot be rewritten without a doctor’s note or other documentation. Reference all your sources–assignments in which there is evidence of plagiarism will be graded “O” and will result in disciplinary action.  See BU General Calendar 4.2.2 Academic Integrity.  No cell phones in class.

For the very shy:  in place of class participation you may hand in, 5 times during the course, short (1 page, double-spaced, typed) commentaries, not plot summaries, on the text under discussion that day. These commentaries must be handed in before the text is discussed in class and are worth 2% each.  No commentaries will be accepted after class discussions for any reason.  It’s possible that a student may find readings and/or discussions of controversial matters troubling. If so, please contact the instructor immediately for alternative assignments or an alternative course.



Outstanding    A+  90 & up                A    84-89        A-   80-83       

Good               B+ 77-79                     B   74-76         B-  70-73                    

Satisfactory     C+ 67-69                     C   64-66         C-  60-63                    

Weak               D+ 57-59                     D   54-56         D-  50-53        

Inadequate      F 0-49



Cook, Michael. Jacob’s Wake, Talonbooks.

French, David. Saltwater Moon. Talonbooks.

Hollingsworth, Margaret. Willful Acts, Talonbooks.

Mighton, John. A Short History of Night, Playwrights Canada.

Norman, Colin. Writing Essays: A Short Guide. 2nd ed. Queen’s (optional).

Panych, Morris. Benevolence, Talonbooks.

Rebar, Kelly. Bordertown Café, Talonbooks.

Ross, Ian. FareWel, Scirocco.

Tremblay, Michel. Les Belles Soeurs, Talonbooks.

Walker, George F. The East End Plays, Part 2, Talonbooks.




Jan. 6 Introduction to Canadian Theatre

11, 13 Tremblay, Les Belles Soeurs (1968)

18, 20, 25 Cook, Jacob’s Wake (1975)

Jan. 27, Feb. 1 Hollingsworth, Ever Loving (1981), The Apple in the Eye (1983)

Feb. 3, 8 French, Saltwater Moon (1985)

Feb. 10 Mid-Term Test

Feb. 15, 17 Rebar, Bordertown Café (1987)

(Feb. 21-25 Spring Break)

Mar. 1, 3, 8 Walker, Love and Anger (1989)

10, 15, 17 John Mighton, A Short History of Night (1990)

22, 24, 29 Morris Panych, Benevolence (2007)

Mar. 24 Term Paper due

Mar. 31, Apr. 5 Ross. FareWel (1996)

Apr. 7 Review

Apr. 14 9-11 a.m. Final Exam