Course outlines

Important:  These outlines are tentative.  Check the dates to see if the outline is for a past, present, or future course.  Check the BU bookstore to determine which edition of a book will be used.



                                                30.145 Contemporary Literature, 2022



Leonard Cohen         

          30.283 Dramatic Literature in Canada (2017)

          30.363 Canadian Literature to 1990 (2021)

          30.364 Canadian Literature since 1990 (2021)

Postmodernism etc.

Remedios Varo, Bordando El Manto Terrestre       

30.478 Postmodernism & Beyond (2020)

    30.387 Alternate Worlds (2022)




Shimmer Chinodya

30.391 Commonwealth Literature (2022)


Bengt Ekerot and Max von Sydow in Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal"


30.271 Film 1, The Silver Screen (2022)

*note: textbook for Film 1 has changed to 7th edition

30.273 Film II, Night Visions (2021)


Thoth, god of writing


30.386 History of Literary Criticism (2021)

30.463 Contemporary Critical Theory (2022)